Happy Easter!

Simon is in London, having a lovely time with Jean, Lara, Vicky and Richard amongst others! He has been to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, London Zoo, Kew Gardens, Southwark Cathedral and The London Wetlands and seen the production of “The Railway children” and I have most likely forgotten something! He has been up to Northumberland with Jean, visiting his favourite places and people, a walk back in time! He has got lost on London buses but found his way again. He has enjoyed organising to meet up with friends and family. All these things are a testament to his hard work at Arrowsmith and his new cognitive abilities. I hope that this holiday has shown Simon how much he has gained and that will give him the faith in himself to master the next level of clocks. He has been working on doing so for a year now. In the last period befor march break last year we heard a scream “What?” From the West classroom, He ran into Jill’s office to tell us he had mastered 4 hands and that it must be a sign that he should stay another year! Closely followed by his gang of friends who looked like pirates with their eye patches! They swallowed him up in a big “Simon” sandwich, hugging him!

I will leave you with some words from Matt Coppins which he wrote last week in reply to my email asking how close Simon was to mastering the six handed clock and would he manage before the holidays.
“Simon has been doing very well in clocks. He has put in a big effort and as a result has made excellent progress toward a master. As of yesterday (Thursday) he is about 10 seconds from reaching his mastery time, and needs to increase his accuracy by about 10%. He said that he was going to do Keypad Kaos last night so he could try to master today. I’m not sure he will master, but I’m glad that he is very willing to try. It has been a good demonstration that his progress is a direct result of the effort he puts in. The work that he has done in the last 2 weeks will benefit him for the rest of his life both in a cognitive and philosophical capacity. He should be very happy about his progress.
He and I have been working on his 3 goals that we discussed in the meeting. He has been struggling with having positive reactions in difficult situations, but he is improving. This will likely be something that will be challenging when he is home to a familiar environment where it is easy to fall back into old habits. Since our meeting I have had a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to any complaining, moaning, or tantrums. Simon has struggled with this, but he has responded with a HUGE change. He has seen that it has positively affected his work and how people relate to him. He has also started making an effort to make his appearance more ‘professional’, this has also sparked a dramatic change in his confidence and has put a noticeable pep-in-his-step. I know he is ready for a break, but the last two weeks has been one of his best runs yet. I am looking forward to his positive attitude becoming a habit and allowing it to rewire his thinking.”

Exciting times! Hopefully I will be reporting on a mastery before too long! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend!