One of a Kind

Yesterday we went to Toronto to the One of a Kind fair, an artisan show where you can buy unique handmade products from all over Canada with artisans coming from far and wide. It is the third time we have gone to this fair and it did not disappoint! There was a fantastically diverse collection ranging from exquisite jewellery to edgy fashion, delicious salmon from British Columbia to butter tarts from just around the corner, wooden toys and huge wooden tables, just waiting to be put in a cottage for families and friends to gather around and feast, beautiful bedware, colourful handmade shoes, handcrafted soaps with beautiful aromas, paintings, prints, witty cards and so much more. So much to sample too, chocolate coated berries, crispy soy beans in many flavours, salmon pate on crunchy biscuits, melt in your mouth butter tarts, eye-watering balsamic vinegars, creamy goats cheese, rich terrines and duck pates, jams and spreads, pickles of more vegetables than I knew it was possible to pickle, we tasted and tried almost everything! We were tempted to buy so much but given that we are hardly cooking we restrained ourselves and did some other shopping instead, mostly birthday presents but the occasional indulgence for ourselves, Simon bought a great t-shirt perfect for Arrowsmith which he wore today. I will take a photo tonight for tomorrow!
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I’ll be back soon!

Just to let you know I’ll be back to writing regularly soon, I hope! London was fabulous, so good to see family and friends, enjoy some wonderful lunches and dinners, take in some culture and see the Christmas lights, sparkling and beautiful. All over too quickly!

Back to Toronto where we stayed with the family of one of Simon’s classmates, who were lovely and it was great to meet them. Simon and I went to the One of A Kind show – hundreds of stands featuring artisan crafts, clothes and food. It was great and we really enjoyed it. Back to Peterborough with a very unwell Simon, fever, sore throat and vomiting but, given that I am heading to Sydney tomorrow, I am glad that it seems to have been a 24 hour bug. He is not quite his normal self but so much better than yesterday. Well enough to suggest going to the Electric City Bread Company for brunch, where we joined Lynette and Stuart together with Zac who was celebrating his 10th birthday! Happy Birthday Zac! It was great to see Frances whose son was at Arrowsmith last year and to hear about how he has fitted back into mainstream school. It is so heartening to hear good news stories of progress and life being better after Arrowsmith! It gives me great hope for Simon’s future, and for all the students, for that matter!

One of a Kind


One of a Kind

This was the name of the show we went to today in Toronto, thanks to Michelle. There was a fabulous range of handcrafted products – beautiful jewellery, paintings, ceramics, soaps, clothes and food by over 450 artisans from all over Canada. We came home loaded with presents for upcoming birthdays and lots of goodies (mostly food!) for ourselves, having tasted almost everything on offer! Beautiful balsamic reductions, roasted soybeans flavoured with balsamic vinegar or maple syrup (those are the flavours as chosen by Simon for his lunchbox which has to be nut-free – they look and taste like nuts but they aren’t!), smoked salmon pate, cassoulet, maple butter maple and fig jelly, apple syrup with maple (we are in Canada, after all!) and cinnamon – all delicious on pancakes, seville orange marmalade, dried cranberries, chocolate almond brittle and so much more!
As on a previous shopping trip in Melbourne, when Simon had been reluctant to go shopping with his sisters, he was the one to buy the most! And he wasn’t even going to come along!