That went quickly!

The first week back at Arrowsmith has zoomed by, with the old (as in previous) students re-acquainting themselves with the cognitive exercises and the new students beginning to learn them and getting tips from the old hands. The important thing is doing them correctly – as Simon’s yoga teacher always says “perfect practise make perfect”!
Sometime over the weekend Simon, wearing that particular smile he has when he is feeling proud of himself, informed me that he had “mastered” 2 handed clocks on his first go this year! Two years ago when he first started the clocks exercise it took him 700 seconds to complete the exercise with a fairly low accuracy (I can’t remember exactly what it was but it wasn’t anywhere near 90%!), this time it took him only 70 seconds with a 90% accuracy, and that was after a 10 week break! The neuroplastic changes in his brain are there and there to stay! I am awed and amazed by the Arrowsmith programme and thrilled for the changes that we see.
Whilst Simon is back at Arrowsmith working hard I have been catching up with my Arrowsmith friends. The Parents Walking Group started on the first day of the academic year with a lovely walk in beautiful Jackson Park and today we headed to the Trent University trail. I have drunk lots of tea and spent mornings chatting, afternoons walking and this week early mornings at the gym. Simon and I have been supporting some of our favourite restaurants, the Food Forest, the Kettle Drum, brunch at Elements with Lynette and Zac, as well as venturing to the Farmer’s Market and the Chapters Bookstore! We braved the rain to watch the salmon running at Port Hope, we have never seen so many salmon in one place nor so many fishermen. It seemed like cheating to fish there since the salmon and rainbow trout were congregating in quite shallow water to jump up the waterfalls and it did not appear to take much skill to catch them, at least that is how it seemed to us. The Chinook and Coho salmon migrate from Lake Ontario and swim up the Ganaraska river to spawn, after which they die! Their lifespan is 2 – 5 years and they weigh from 2 to 40lbs. Somewhere between 5000 and 10000 salmon migrate to their spawning grounds and for Rainbow trout up to 18000 can migrate up the river, they, however, can spawn 4 to 6 times within their lifespan and live for 8 to 10 years.
I also squeezed in a movie, whilst Simon was at Friday night, and would recommend Mr Holmes with Sir Ian McKellen, an interesting take on the usual Sherlock Holmes story, superb acting.